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What is Equine Touch?

A unique, gentle and non-invasive hands-on technique that addresses musculoskeletal, physical, behavioural and emotional problems with astounding results

Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive energy-release modality that works at a completely holistic level: it addresses the individual as a whole without paying any particular attention to any named problem.

 A unique set of hands-on procedures to be performed over specific points of the musculoskeletal framework in a specific direction and pattern. When performed with accuracy, integrity, and intent these moves unlock the innate wisdom of the body encouraging it to reset itself and release energy blocks, thus bringing about balance and health on all levels –

physical, chemical, emotional, and behavioral.

While The Equine Touch™ is a tool that is used to great advantage by chiropractors, osteopaths, orthodox and animal doctors, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, holistic veterinarians and practitioners of all hands-on therapies, it is a modality that stands alone in its own right.

The simple Equine Touch™ move crosses all barriers of understanding and restrictions bringing relief to the recipient, whether human or animal.

This technique, simple yet profound, can be readily learned by the horse owner and veterinarian alike,

and can be applied complementary to any discipline or mode of horsemanship.

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Equine Touch

         THE EQUINE TOUCH  Level 1  clinic             
Spring of 2019 date TBA
Instructor Raian Kaiser
Foundation proudly presents

Level 1  Foundation course

A unique, gentle and non-invasive hands-on technique that addresses musculoskeletal, physical, behavioral and emotional problems with astounding results.

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