Pardner loves to hang out with Piper.  She obviously doesn't have a problem with ropes.

Sophie is behind them, as she usually is when people are present

We saved a couple of mustangs from the kill pen.

They have been quarantined here and will now go to their forever home.  Never to end up in a kill pen again.

​​New additions at Spirit Dancer Ranch summer of 2017

Mustang Mares and a new filly!

Cindy was asked to adopt a couple of mustangs from the Hallelujah herd since she had the facility and a special love of mustangs. 

Miranda, Sophie and Lilly 

Lilly a bay, happened to be in foal and on June 22, 2017 Piper was born.  What a Joy!!

Miranda a bay, was amazing and easy to train.  She went to her forever home.

Sophie a Palomino is very un-trusting and will take many hours of patience and love.  Lilly is very grounded but wants nothing to do with humans except feed. 

Cindy will keep you posted on their progress.

Piper is amazing and a joy to handle and play with.  She was awesome for her first trim.


Quote from Cindy:
"These Mustangs have kept me sane while getting my home at Spirit Dancer Ranch."

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Lilly with her filly, Piper.

Pardner is a Kiger Mustang born in captivity.  Cindy hopes he will be her next riding horse.

Miranda was one of the easiest horses I have ever worked with.  She loved people and was always ready to play.  

She was the reason that I adopted Sophie and Lilly.

​Miranda has a wonderful forever home in Loveland.