Cindy is able to connect with horses on an energetic level. She tunes into the horses needs and helps him/her overcome fears and concerns, both natural and caused by past traumatic events.

Private lessons and clinics offered. 

Cindy is an Equine Touch Practitioner & has extensive knowledge in Equine Touch & Aromatherapy Oils for use in whole horse healing. 

For True Harmony between horse and human contact:

 Cindy Loader.   970-481-9150, Fort Collins, CO.

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Trainin​g your horse with heart as well as mind.

Natural interspecies communication utilizing the interactions between the horse and human's energy.

Spirit Dancer Ranch  is a Magical   and Spiritual   place of Serenityfor horses and their humans.

Horses have been rescued  and rehabbed here.  Many have gone on to loving homes while others are still waiting for their forever home.  Meanwhile they get to run and play on 35 acres or more.

Horse lovers are welcome to come and visit.

 Clinics, Trail Rides, Campouts, Games,Obstacles or Play days.  "Equine Touch " for Emotional or Physically challenged horses as well as Healthy Horses.  They all Love it!!

Cindy & Cricket- Ballet on Horseback. 
 Riding bare-back and Bridle-less.  Belly Dancing on Crickets back.     True Harmony.



Is your horse Enjoying the Ride?

Cindy is available for Clinics and Private or Group Lessons at Spirit Dancer Ranch or your Arena.

Day Rides,Weekend Camps, Play Days, Trail Rides, Obstacles, Games, Liberty, Body Language-horse & human,

Equine Touch!          ​Schedule yours Today!


Riding in Harmony!

Phone: 970-481-9150  

Email CLSpiritDancer@aol.com

Clinics & Camping

     Love the Horse

Learn the Body Language

      Cindy Loader

Is your horse enjoying the Ride?

A Magical Place for Horses!

2019 Summer Clinics   

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Trail Ride Clinics

Easy to Extreme

 Body Language

on line and Liberty

Obstacle Clinics

Games for Partnership

Dates TBA

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  Trail Ride Clinic, weekend !

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